Leonie Stratton - Founder of Boutique Finance Perth

Leonie has broken the shackles of the corporate banking world and is bringing back customer service with flair.  As a daughter of small business owners, Leonie’s appreciation for personable and individualised service motivated her to build her own company established on those same values. Leonie cherishes the relationships that she has developed with her clients. Her clients are her best advocates and provide her with repeat business and referrals. 

Leonie is dedicated to helping others and is driven to produce the best results for her clients.  Leonie’s sincere and confident approach has earned her a reputation of being highly organised and responsive.

She was born and raised in Perth. Lives in Trigg with her partner. Major dog lover - and is surprised that her two dogs Stanley and Winter aren't Instagram stars by now! Aunty to the two cutest kids in Australia. Shopping is my cardio and champagne is my weakness.