I am not really one to comment on politics or anything of that nature

I am not really one to comment on politics or anything of that nature. More than happy to comment on other things like TV shows, almond milk, dogs and coffee. But something has got my very upset!

I could harp on about how the recommendations from the banking royal commission has affected my small business. Well it could do – but at this stage they are just recommendations and nothing has been legislated through parliament. But I am here for the long haul – as I love being a broker. (for everyone asking if they did end mortgage brokers I would likely be an Instagram star as my next career move).

But the main thing that has upset (and this bit is serious) is the impact on the consumer. The only winner out of the royal commission was the big banks. Not the consumer. There is a reason why 59% of people go through a broker to get their home loan. The broking industry provides competition in the banking sector. Without the brokers we could see consumers having less access to smaller lenders and even less access to credit. As competition and choice declines, bank power increases.

In any industry - finance, politics, trades, car sales - you will find a small percentage who give the industry a bad name. And the broker industry has been tarnished by these individuals.

I love being a broker, as I can care and guide my clients through the jungle of lending. I am also someone who stands up for themselves and others. So, I am not keen on brokers being the scape goat of the royal commission or my clients being worse off if all the recommendations get passed in. But I can’t compete against the big guys – I am a small business owner. So, I am doing what I can to promote the broker industry. If you would like to help - below is a petition you can sign. I also encourage you to keep supporting brokers.


Wow – that was all pretty serious! Here is a picture of the dogs to lighten the read.