Boutique Finance Perth – founded by industry expert Leonie Stratton. I am dedicated to providing ethical and quality finance solutions that are individualised and presented with care, expertise and flair.

How can I help you?

Boutique Finance Perth works with clients of varying needs and backgrounds.

I specialise in:

Commercial Lending - taking your business to the next level, assisting with business, equipment and property loans.

Residential Lending - cutting through the noise and confusion to create the right relationship and package for your individualised needs.

Plus all the traditional lending - home loans, business loans, car finance, debt consolidation and personal loans.

What does a finance broker do?

I am your guide and an intermediary between you and the organisation offering a loan (40 plus lenders to choose from). I act on your behalf to find and compile a group of lenders that are most suited to the needs of you or your business. As your finance broker, I handle all of the paperwork, number crunching and negotiating with the lender. Going forward I then manage and support you through not just the life of the loan, but all your future lending needs.

In short, my 15 years of finance expertise saves businesses and individuals precious time, resources, and energy, granting them the opportunity to make informed, responsible decisions regarding finances and loans.


“Leonie is personable, helpful, understanding and really relatable one to one. I really recommend her and refer her and talk about her to family and friends because she is so good at what she does”. Eddie - Palmyra

“I think Leonie is great cause she debunks a lot of the myths. She is realistic. She wasn’t leading me down the garden path. Personally I was a little but scared as it’s my first home. So she adapted and just told me what I needed to know. She is kind and warm, and she really got the fact that I was petrified at certain points”. Michael - North Fremantle

With an office based in Perth, I am available for appointments 6 days a week, after hours, in your home, or even at a coffee shop. Contact me for a coffee and a friendly consultation.


It's time you were treated fairly, ethically, and with care - together let's get your finances working for you.



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